What Is SpotWalla?

Spot can mean many things, but in this context spot is defined as "a place or locality."1 A walla is defined as "one employed in a particular occupation or activity."2 SpotWalla is a system that you employ to manage your personal location data in a secure environment.

SpotWalla allows you to share where you've been and where you're going with no one or with the world. That means you have control over the degree to which your personal and private location information is visible. This degree of security is achieved in a number of ways. First and foremost, secure zones allow you to define regions in which no locations should be displayed. You can setup secure zones for your home, your place of work, Grandma's house or any other location. Other security settings control your degree of exposure in trips, location pages...

SpotWalla users share their location information via trips, location pages, device location widgets, Family & Friends Trips can be viewed directly and/or embedded into your blog or a forum post. Location pages allow multiple users to share their last known location on a single page. And the device location widgets allow users to share their last known location on a single page. Easily integrated into a blog or forum post or in an email.

Each of these topics and more is accessible in the help menu bar above.

1,2 These definitions found on Dictionary.com.


Contacting SpotWalla

There are a number of ways to contact SpotWalla and stay on top of what's happening at SpotWalla. If you need support, the best way to contact us is via email. Send an email to SpotWalla Support.

Another excellent way to stay on top of things is by joining and participating in the SpotWalla Support & Community Forums. This is an excellent way to provide feedback and get input from SpotWalla users and support. Click this link to access the SpotWalla Support & Community Forums.

Nothing happens at SpotWalla without a post to the SpotWalla Facebook Page. We will post system upgrade notices and provide general, infrequent updates about what's happening in SpotWalla.


Supporting Technologies

SpotWalla is built upon, powered by and supports the following communities and technologies...



Recommended System Requirements

You can use SpotWalla from any system with internet connectivity and a compatible web browser. However, you may be surprised to find out that SpotWalla relies on your computer's processor and other resources to process the data required to render a map in the trip viewer or location page or any other map. This is because the underlying technology (JavaScript) employed to render maps runs on the client and "the client" is your machine. Having said that... when it comes to network connectivity and computer horsepower, faster is better than slower.

SpotWalla recommends the following:

  • System - The most significant system-related resource SpotWalla uses is your processor. The faster the processor, the quicker your web browser will render maps and other pages. A 2GHz or better processor should do the trick. Additionally, a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended. Bigger is way better.
  • Internet Connection - SpotWalla itself doesn't send a lot of data to your computer, but it does rely upon Google for maps. The bigger the pipe to the internet, the faster your system will download maps from Google. A DSL or better internet connection is recommended.
  • Web Browser - We strive to support the most recent versions of the major browsers on the market today. SpotWalla should work on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. These are the browsers we use to test the system. SpotWalla recommends FireFox (Get FireFox) and Chrome (Get Chrome). These two browsers are consistently the best performers when it comes to rendering web pages.
  • Mobile Smart Phones - Most of today's high-end smart phones are capable of using SpotWalla. While we don't have a mobile interface specifically, we do use Bootstrap to build our website. Using Bootstrap means that SpotWalla.com should be highly usable on anything from a smart phone to a desktop computer. But there's a screen or two that don't lend themselves to the small viewing areas of smart phones.


Making a Donation

SpotWalla does not currently charge for its services. Over the years a lot of SpotWalla users have inquired about how they can help support the effort. Donations are voluntary and not required to use any SpotWalla services. If you're compelled to make a donation, please enter a donation amount below and click the Donate button. You will be forward to Paypal.com to complete the donation process.

Paypal.com is the only way to make a donation. All donations will be used to support the ongoing infrastructure costs of SpotWalla.com. Your support is appreciated.


User Agreement

Click this link to read the SpotWalla User Agreement.