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What is SpotWalla?

SpotWalla is a secure personal location manager. You control the degree to which your location information is shared.

Secure Zones

Secure Zones allow you to define regions of the map where your location is hidden/secured from the rest of the world.

Location Pages

Location Pages show the last known location of multiple users on a single map. They are a great way for groups and event organizers to see where their participants were last located.


The SpotWalla Web API (SWAPI) is a set of RESTful web services that allow third-party applications to interact with SpotWalla in a meaningful way.

What's New in SpotWalla?

** Email Notifications Are Here **

Do you want to send an email to one or more people when your device transmits your location? Do you want to control the information in and the format of the email message? If so, you're in luck. For more information, see: Email Notifications - Managing Profiles.

What's Happening in SpotWalla?

Want to know what's happening in SpotWalla right now? Click inside the boxes below to view the report.

Top Ten Active Trips

Click inside this box to see the top ten active and most viewed public trips in SpotWalla.

Top Ten Inactive Trips

Click inside this box to see the top ten most inactive and most viewed trips in SpotWalla.

Top Ten of All Time

Click inside this box to view the top ten most viewed public trips of all time.

Trips With Recent Locations

Click inside this box to view public trips that have new locations in the past twenty-four hours.

Recently Created

Click inside this box to view the public trips that have been created in the past seven days.

Location Pages

Click inside this box to see all of the location pages in SpotWalla that are either active or will be active in the future.

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Multi-Device Support

SpotWalla supports multiple devices and interfaces including SPOT Personal Tracking devices, DeLorme InReach, Bubbler GPS, SWconnect, APRS...

Family & Friends

Family & Friends allow you to keep track of and see the last known location of all your family and friends. It's like a personal location page where you control who can join.


Trips may be public or private, password protected or wide open for the world to see. You can embed them in blogs and forum posts and share your travels with your family and friends and the entire world, if you choose.

Supporting SpotWalla

SpotWalla does not charge for its services, but we do accept donations to help fund the on-going infrastructure costs of running this website.